Zach Diamond is a writer from New York.

I write too many words and then delete most of them. I am not a stapler, although I have used one before.

For a very little bit more information, or to contact him, visit his (totally not parked) website here: ZachDiamond.com

11 responses to “About

  1. I’m just chuckling after reading what this is I’m reading, Zach’s blog or Zach. What happened to Nicholas Cage? The hair alone…yikes. The Arquette curse? We’ll probably never know. Thanks for the follow. I shall follow suit as you seem a jocular website or person; either way, I’m cool with it.


  2. Hi, Zach Diamond, nice to meet you. I am glad we both agree Robin Williams is a great actor. If not this point would have to be the dissolution of our very brief friendship. Instead, it’s the foundation. Favorite Robin Williams movie – go!

    ~ Cara


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